Why Zhonghe Packing?
Jiangsu Zhonghe Intelligent Packing Co. Ltd. is a most famous and reputable packaging manufacturer in China.
With 15-year experience in packaging industry, Zhonghe is committed to offer top-ranking design, classic service and unparalleled quality to meet customers' requirements and expectations at its best.
We produce packaging materials and products, and have been serving many large foreign-funded enterprises in China with green packaging materials for export.
We produce packaging products,
including Wooden Pallets, Wooden Boxes, Paper Products, EPP/EPO Expandable Products,
Packing Belts & Stretching Films, and etc.
Quality & Service
Zhonghe places the quality and quality tests as first priority.
Hazardous substances tests, SGS tests,
and harm-elimination treatments are done, as customers require.
years of experience
meeting customers' expectations
main countries
for international marketing
provinces & cities
for domestic marketing