Wooden Boxes
1. Common Wooden Boxes

We provide wooden boxes with various dimensions and types to our customers, based on the different industrial properties, protect clients’ products, and help with the cargo handling.

We produce the following wooden boxes:

the skid wooden box, applied to the large machine, the mechanical and electrical products, the place of heavy equipment, and the packing and carrying sections of the production line;

Skid Wooden Box

the open crate, applied to the packing of large plastic parts, auto parts, glass, etc.;

Open Crate
Open Crate

the plywood box, applied to the packing of the irregular products such as the fasteners, the metallic balls, the stamping parts, etc.

Plywood Box

2. Foldable Wooden Boxes

folding wooden box with steel strips, collapsible plywood box and dismountable box.

We designed and developed the fully automatic production line to produce the series of the foldable wooden boxes. This series of products is reusable and cost-efficient so is popular among clients.

Foldable Wooden Box
Foldable Wooden Box